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A Family Law Firm Focused On Your Needs

At Grey Family Law, we focus our practice exclusively on family law cases.   We know that each case is unique and that each client has goals and needs that are particular to his/her circumstances. 
We provide clients with honest and straightforward answers to their questions.  We understand that many issues that arise during our work affect the most personal parts of an individual's life - their children, their work, their finances, and their future.  As such, we take a holistic approach and help clients choose strategies that will achieve the best overall results for their lives. 
If it is necessary to engage an expert, such as a forensic accountant, child custody recommending counselor, or business evaluator, we will explain the process and ensure that our clients are kept up to date on the progress being made.  All of the substantive decisions in a case are made together with our clients.
When you choose Grey Family Law, you are choosing a firm that is committed to providing compassionate and experienced guidance towards a better future.   Contact us today to schedule a consultation.  

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"I really can’t articulate how amazing Maya is. Her skills as an attorney are outstanding - obviously she’s incredibly smart and knows the law, but ADDITIONALLY, she genuinely cares about her client above all else. Her desire to get through the legal process as successfully and quickly as possible, with as little damage to the child and family, is what makes her truly exceptional. Divorce is expensive, more than I anticipated, and not once did I question if the money I paid for Maya’s work, was worth it - in fact, I think she could easily charge much more. Mine was a drawn out and challenging divorce, and Maya succeeded in getting us the best possible outcome, with minimal negative impact on my daughter. Cannot recommend highly enough." - Aylien J.

"Maya is a fantastic attorney, and I'm thankful to have found her. Together, we spent the better part of a year navigating a protracted prenuptial agreement made complex by family holdings and the possibility of future windfalls. Throughout my time working with Maya, I found her to be patient, thoughtful, and caring, with a special knack for breaking down challenging and nuanced concepts and explaining things in simple and approachable terms. I was also impressed by her creativity when it came to finding and presenting potential solutions to thorny issues. More than anything else, though, I was grateful for her professionalism, attention to detail, and her desire to create a fair and amicable agreement for both myself and my wife, even as she advocated on my behalf. I can say confidently I'll be back in touch in the future if/when any concerns pertaining to family law arise. I really can't recommend her enough." - Taylor F.​​​

"Weak, sad, angry, defeated, tired, scared, emotional. Those are a few emotions I was feeling when I was searching for a lawyer. Divorce will be easy. We get along. We are “friends.” We will be divorced in 6 months. Everything is going to be fine. Those are a few lies I was telling myself about divorce. None of which are true. Divorce is hard, especially when children are involved. Maya was an Angel of a lawyer and so graceful and amazing. I know it sounds cliche but it is true. Maya was understanding not just as a lawyer but as parent. A parent who loves their children and wants what is best for them. That is what I wanted out of my divorce. I didn’t want the drama for my sons or myself. I was scared that I wasn’t making the right decisions. Maya would take my calls and answer my emails in minutes with the reassurance she knew I needed. Her words brought me peace of mind and took away my anxiety because there was so much trust in her and her words. As we all know, words mean nothing if there isn’t action to back them up. Maya was my action. She was voice. She was my backbone because throughout my marriage I lost those things. Maya fought for me in a way that reminded me of the person I am and how we should stand up to bullies. She always listened to all of my concerns and never forced me to do anything I did not feel comfortable with. At all times, Maya made sure I was comfortable in what was happening, prepared for what was happening or what could happen, and made sure I was secure in the decision I was making. Thanks to Maya I got more than I thought I could. My son was never taken from me like it was threatened time and time again. I cannot rave about Maya enough. She always made sure I knew she wanted what was best for me and my sons. She is the most professional, understanding, and kind person I have had the pleasure to work with. If you are reading this review, I hope you are feeling the sincerity in it. I would call Maya crying and all shaken up by something else my ex would threaten me with. She was there to reassure me, they were just words and he couldn’t do what he was saying he would do. The confidence in her words gave me security I desperately needed. If you are looking for a family law attorney, I PROMISE you, there is no need to keep reading reviews. Maya is the BEST! Her humanity is unmatched. No matter what, Maya never lied to me. She always gave me both sides of the coin and prepared me for both. She never over promised and under delivered. I can never thank her enough." - Sonya M.

"I don't think anyone plans or wants to go through a divorce. Unfortunately I had to deal with this situation and thankfully I was given a recommendation to reach out to Maya. She quickly met with me and in a patient and professional manner helped me understand the process, considerations and challenges that were upcoming. She also did an amazing job of presenting the differences (including benefits vs. disadvantages) of hiring her in a consulting role compared to full representation. I felt that all times she was guiding me with what was in my best interest financially rather then what could have been best for her. I don't know how often this happens, but following a few months of going through the process, my wife and I decided not to get divorced. It would be hyperbole say that Maya was the reason for our reconciliation. What is fact though is she clearly heard my request from the beginning that I wanted to be fair and reasonable and she helped guide me in a way that kept options open with my wife and I that may not had been there with a more contentious style. I am sure there are cases that a more aggressive style is required and I can only imagine that Maya would handle those cases as adroitly. I highly recommend Maya and hope that if you have to deal with something as miserable as a divorce you have the opportunity to work with her." - Steve M.

"I had a great experience working with Maya on a pre-marital agreement. She is friendly, patient, professional, and very detail-oriented. She told my partner and me about our different options and walked through the process in detail. Since we went with a mediated pre-marital agreement, I was able to compare working with her with the experience of my partner and our mediator. Maya explained everything to me in much more detail, providing background and alternatives, and made sure I understood every line of the agreement. She also summarized all the choices we made that deviated from standard California law for future reference. I would definitely recommend Maya if you are looking for a good, thorough family lawyer!" - Cat P.

"I was being taken to court for the 9th time by my ex, being in FL and the case being in CA I needed someone to fight for me and she was the right person. Maya went beyond what I could've done by myself, she believed in me and that meant the world to me. It was a difficult case with my ex and she dug in and would not give up, she definitely knows the ins and outs of the laws. She advised me and gave me options, the outcome was in our favor and finally an end after 11 years! I would highly, highly recommend her for your case." - Kathleen K.

"I found Ms. Grey to be one of the best in all aspects. She was highly knowledgeable, up to date, and aware of nuances of the case that would have escaped a less-skilled attorney. She was always available to answer my questions...Her procedure in the courtroom was highly professional and her oral arguments were clear and convincing. I felt supported at all times, and she was never surprised by any maneuvers by the opposing counsel.  I have no hesitation in giving Ms. Grey my highest recommendation and full support."  - Theodore R.

"I write this review with the excitement to share my amazing experience with Maya.  Maya's attention to detail, skills, experience and care for the client, was the main reason why I got both my kids back. As I battled an unfair restraining orders, custody battles of two kids with two different mothers and experiencing the vast confusion of the court system and laws. Maya was there to educate me, guide me, and make me understand each step of the way.  At the end of my long battles in court, I finally got the results I wanted, I get to see my two girls, no restraining orders, and have a fair 50/50 share custody with my kids.  My daughters call her, their super hero. They always tell me that, if anything happens to us, we can always call Maya! This may sound a little cheesy, but coming from my girls, this means TRUST. We know we can always count on Maya.  Her experience and her care for her clients is exceptional! She responds fast and is always clear with her explanations. Her quality of work is clean and precise.  We thank Maya for keeping our family together! I highly recommend to hire Maya! You will NOT regret it!" - Fernando M

"From the initial consultation through the completion / signing of my prenup Maya provided truly fantastic legal services. I have demanding expectations and could not have been more confident with my prenup or Maya's representation throughout the process.  From the first meeting, I was immediately impressed with Maya's efficiency, attention to detail and excellent communication skills. As the process continued, Maya maintained a consistently excellent level of service. With each meeting Maya continually and carefully ensured I fully understood each proposed clause. Maya carefully reviewed the considerations/ramifications of each clause as pertained to my unique family/financial situation and ensured I comprehensively understood the developing document.  Likewise, Maya maintained a continual consideration towards the specific timelines by which my agreement needed to be completed ahead of our wedding. The prenup was fully executed comfortably ahead of schedule despite the relatively short timeframe we had to work with.  Maya made what is a commonly challenging and unpleasant process extremely efficient, navigable, understandable - all with my interests/preferences in mind. In line with this review, I will gladly recommend Maya to any/each of my friends and/or family seeking similar legal services in the future." - Sean W.

"Mrs. Grey demonstrated her legal expertise and knowledge when I hired her to represent me in a particularly complex divorce case. She explained the legal process in a manner easily understood by a layperson. She adequately prepared me for court to prevent me from losing custody of my son or pay extra legal fees.  She promptly responded to all my phone calls and emails with knowledge, patience and compassion. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend Mrs. Grey."  - Tamara C.

"Maya Grey is an outstanding attorney who I worked with during my divorce proceedings in 2019. She is a patient and understanding person. One of Maya's many strengths is that she paid attention to details and insisted that I understood each step along the way. Her skills in follow-up are impressive. I highly recommend Maya to anyone seeking a woman with integrity, and excellent communication skills." - Cindy R.



"Over the last couple of years, I worked closely with Maya Grey on my divorce case... Like many challenges, it wasn’t the complexity of the case that was difficult, it was the human factor. It was Maya’s diligence, thoughtfulness and professionalism that provided opportunity for the case to settle short of trial and it did. On numerous occasions, Maya explained to me the complexities of divorce in terms that were understandable to me. This insight and guidance allowed me to make decisions with my head and not my heart during this difficult time. I have tremendous confidence in Maya’s knowledge, skills and legal expertise and would highly recommend her services." - Jim T.

"I worked with Maya from 2015 till 2018 during a somewhat excruciating divorce. She was unfailingly compassionate, informative, and helpful. Along with being utterly competent, she is an excellent communicator-- responsive, clear, timely and always to the point. I really appreciated her demeanor-- positive and calm, but firm and fair-minded. I really relied on that strength and perspective to push forward through a very dark period. I came to feel I could trust Maya completely to do what was in my best interest, even when that wasn't so clear to me myself. I found her judgement to be excellent and would recommend her highly without any reservations. Thanks to the wise counsel of Maya and her colleagues, we were able to negotiate a settlement which has left myself and my ex-husband each happily divorced, financially stable, and civilly coparenting." - Paula B.​


"An engineer by trade and extremely curious by nature, I tend to raise a lot of questions, want to dive into discussions to understand what's going on, and try to stay on top of things. Maya was perfect. She brought a huge amount of professionalism in every engagement we had, was always overly prepared, walked me through anything I had questions on while reminding me that I didn't need to know everything and our conversation cost me. There was never a time when I felt like something was missed or that I missed an opportunity. The expertise and balance that she brought to the table consistently left me feeling not only like everything would be handled, but that everything would work out ok in the end...I would enthusiastically recommend Maya to represent you in any family law related matters." - David M.

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